Summer is in Full Swing at The Old Home Place

June is a busy month at The Old Home Place in Frankfort. Families are traveling, children are out of school, and fresh produce is here. We pick up fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and green beans from the growers every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The brothers travel too. Andy and his family are traveling to Missouri for a family gathering. Moses and his wife, Susa, plan to spend a week or two in the New England states to celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary.

Some of you are starting to ask about the Annual Chicken Dinner. It is currently scheduled for the 4th Saturday in August, which is the 24th this year.

Aunt Martha is back for a few months this summer. She is busy in the bakery making specialties like cheesecake and special pies. Stop in and see what is new in the baker case.

Summer is a great time for fun events and family outings. We encourage you to get outside and enjoy nature. Take your kids to the park or go find a hiking trail. Southern Ohio has much to offer and we hope you get out there and enjoy it this summer.

See you soon!

Mike Elliott