The Old Home Place - July Update

Things have been getting back to normal again after having a shortage of employees in June! Katie and Ella were at Music Camp for a week learning more about music and singing with choirs, then the following week Ella flew to Honduras to visit her cousin Heidi who has been there for 2 years working at a missionary clinic. Heidi plans to return on July 18th, and start working here at the bakery soon after. Her sister Katie (the chief cookie baker) will be leaving the bakery in August, and plans to teach at Little Creek Mennonite School in Frankfort, so we wish her the best in that! Betty was also gone for a few weeks in June, as she was visiting friends in Canada.

We are enjoying all the fresh produce we have been able to get from the Rhodes Farm! Currently we have tomatoes, onions, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, and much more! We also have fresh peaches from South Carolina that are simply delicious!

On Thursday, we got in a brand new line of cupcake and muffin papers after testing them first to make sure they worked. Made by Cupcake Creations in the USA, these are made from all natural paper, grease proof (they keep their color even after baked), and stand by themselves on a cookie sheet. That's right, you don't even need muffin tins to bake them in! They come in many different colors and patterns - from pink and blue for baby showers, to camouflage for hunters. Also available in a mini size and a jumbo size, as well as an individual brownie square size.

We will be announcing the date for our annual Chicken BBQ very soon. We usually have it on the fourth Saturday in August, but there are other plans for that weekend, so we are thinking of moving it to another weekend in August. Stay tuned, as we don't want you to miss out!

Thank you for your support!

Mike Elliott