New Products Now Available

Greetings to all our customers!

Premium Jordan Almonds are a new addition to our shelves! These are candy coated almonds, and have been brought in by request.

The wonderful Cream Horns that the bakery has been making are flying off the shelf! There are two kinds - Raspberry & Cream Cheese Filled, and Regular Cream Cheese Filled. Both are delicious!

Our long time friend and coffee provider, Tom, has opened his own location on High Street in Chillicothe where he roasts and sells his high quality beans. His daughter Olivia has a bakery there as well, and you can buy all sorts of cookies and other sweets, along with made-to-order cakes. They also have hot coffee and iced coffee in a few flavors available. We will still be carrying the Two Roasting Joes coffee at our store, but stop by and see Tom's shop if you get a chance!

A great remedy for sore throat (as many of you may have this winter) is an Herbal Throat Spray from Natural Hope Herbals. All you do is spray it in the back of your mouth a few times a day and its natural ingredients soothe and heal your inflamed throat. Elderberry Syrup is great if you're suffering from a cough or flu.

Everyone appreciates a heartfelt, handwritten card. We have beautiful boxed cards for all occasions from DaySpring and Christian Art Greetings. Most of them are priced at $4.99 - $5.99 for a box of 12 cards.

Deli Specials this week are Turkey Pastrami at $4.99 a lb. and Lightning Jack Cheese at $3.99 a lb.

Since not everyone has brought in their red envelopes yet, we are offering an extension. Instead of ending on January 31st, we will accept red envelopes until February the 2nd. Bring yours in before then to see your surprise!

We hope everyone stays warm!

Mike Elliott