The Plain People and Volunteering

Years ago the Amish and Mennonites were two distinct religious groups. Over the years there has been a lot of mixing and changing so today the term “plain people” is often used to include them all. Volunteering is one common trait of all the groups. Most of the volunteering is low key.

Because many have small businesses that interact with the community, small needs are made known. A family may need a few groceries, a neighbor needs a ride to the doctor, or someone needs a bit of firewood. In our area there are numerous benefit auctions and fundraisers. If a need is legitimate, “Yes” is the best answer.

The Old Home Place in Frankfort has become a collection point for fabric scraps. Susan takes these scraps and with a large network of volunteers turns them into comforters. Christian Aid Ministries then distributes them to needy people around the world. And Moses is part of a volunteer Search and Rescue team sponsored by Christian Aid Ministries.

Plain people are not the only ones who volunteer. Ross County is full of all kinds of people who volunteer. That is what makes the community great. Next time someone asks you to volunteer, consider it carefully before saying “no”. Volunteering provides some of the greatest joys in life!

Mike Elliott