The Brothers Embrace Winter

Usually winter waits until Christmas to really show up. This year is a little different. But you know what? The brothers at The Old Home Place in Frankfort can’t change it a bit. And since they believe that weather as a whole is controlled by God they try to live by the message of Psalm 118:24.

One problem with winter is the tendency to sit in a cozy spot, munch on a few extra calories and enjoy some hot sweet drinks. The brothers don’t want you to give up the cookies and hot chocolate but maybe you could reduce your cozy time just a little and replace it with outdoor or indoor exercise. Moses has discovered that running outdoors in below freezing temperatures is just fine if you dress properly.

So do yourself a favor and stay active this winter. If running isn’t your thing, find something else to do. There are several light workouts you can do right in your living room. Click here for 10 workouts you can do right at home without any special equipment.

Christmas hours: Open Monday 24th, 8:30 – 4:00. Reopen Wednesday 26th.

Mike Elliott